Annie Chang

Annie Chang has an LPC and is a master's level graduate of art therapy. She is interested in exploring personal experiences and intersectional identities to inform the therapeutic process of healing and self-growth.


Annie practices person-centered therapy while using a harm-reduction model. She sees sessions as collaborations and a place where exploration is valued.

Being an interdisciplinary artist herself, Annie is able to offer many approaches to the creative process. Her materials and mediums of expertise include drawing and painting, fibers and fashion design, and the art of zines. This could also involve a conversation, uses of metaphors, and self-reflection. 



Art Therapist (MAST)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling, School of the Art Institute Chicago (MAATC)
Bachelors of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Drawing & Painting, California State University Long Beach

Professional Contributions

  • 2019 “MAATC” (Graduate Thesis Presentation), School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL

  • 2019 Visiting Artist Lecture: Felt Plushies Toy Design, Marwen, Chicago, IL

  • 2019 Artist Lecture: Artist Materials and Techniques, SAIC Early College Program, Chicago, IL

  • 2018 Artist Lecture: Oil Painting, SAIC Early College Program Summer Institute, Chicago, IL

  • 2018 Artist Lecture: Figure Painting, SAIC Early College Program Summer Institute, Chicago, IL

  • 2017 “Translating between Words and Images: Poetry as dialogue with Images and Self” (Presentation with Caroline Edasis), Illinois Art Therapy Association, Chicago, IL

  • 2017 “Parangoles and Samba” (Workshop and Performance), Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • 2015 “Art and the Mind”, Norwalk Senior Center, Norwalk, CA

  • 2014 “Lygia Clark: Baba Antropofágica” (Lecture and Performance Reenactment), California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

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