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Art Therapy vs. Talk Therapy...what’s the difference?

Therapy. A word in general people have lots of misconceptions about. My guess is that people still believe that in therapy you enter the therapist’s office and lay on a couch while you divulge your deepest and darkest secrets crying as the therapist writes on a clipboard and shakes their head saying, “um, how does that make you feel?” And although this can be true, therapy doesn’t always have to look like this.

chicago art therapy studio

At Dandelion, we don’t have couches, instead we have art tables and loads of art materials.

We ask for you to be proactive in your treatment, get messy and engage in the creative process.

So, why art therapy instead of talk therapy? First off, don’t get me wrong! They both have their benefits; however, I am a bit biased and think art therapy is the BEST!

That might lead you to then wonder...why should I seek art therapy? This is a question I often get from people. I want to answer back, “why not?” The answer seems so simple to me. Have you ever wanted to share something but couldn’t figure out how to talk about it? Or have you ever felt something so deeply but struggled to find the words? Or have you ever felt that words couldn’t really explain the experience you had? Well, that is because often we don’t have the words. Our experiences, our feelings, our thoughts are BEYOND words. And that is where art comes in and it is a gateway to some of our healing.

Humans for ages have told stories of our experiences through the arts. Creativity and art are in our DNA. From my point of view, the arts are necessary to living a filled and healthy life. So, in art therapy we allow for you to explore your creative side and allow for the arts to inherently soothe your soul and build a relationship with you, to help you create the you that you want to be.

At Dandelion, art therapy is about creating art as well as creating a relationship between yourself, your art, the art materials and your art therapist.

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