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Welcome to the NEW Dandelion Therapeutic Art Center!

New name and new location!

We are moving. Yes, we are moving during a global pandemic and during winter in Chicago. Call us crazy, but it is time. Dandelion was always meant to grow, change and transform and here we are now presented with a beautiful opportunity to grow into a bigger space. A little snow and a pandemic isn't going to hold us back!

If we have learned anything from the past year it has been to be present and embrace life and go for it!

So although it is bittersweet, we say goodbye to our old space where we have worked with countless people and made millions of art pieces and tons of mess! We are learning about how to let go of the old and recreate, grow and transform into a new.

We know new can be hard! We all have first hand experiences with this as we have had to learn how to navigate a pandemic while being reminded of "the NEW normal" that we are facing! But we want you to know that with this new space we are dedicated and committed to our relationships with you and the belief that art heals! I promise this "new" is good!

Our move will allow us the ability to create with more people, grow to help better serve our community and transform mental health services; sharing the power and importance of art. We are beyond excited to share this new space with all of you. You are the “why” we come to work, “why” we create and “why” Dandelion is the way it is.

A special thanks to all the people who have supported me (and Mike) on the mission of creating an art therapy studio. This has been (and continues to be) a labor of love, determination, creativity and passion.

Come visit us at the NEW Dandelion Therapeutic Art Center, 1767 W. Wilson Ave. Chicago, IL 60640.

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