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Why a Dandelion?

It was just the other day that someone asked me about the name of my studio. I paused for a second to remember the meaning behind it. It then occurred to me that I don’t often share why I named my art therapy private practice after what some think is either a pesky weed or a magical wish maker.

So, with this in mind, I thought I’d give it a whirl and share it’s meaning with you. Easy right? Wrong!!! Writing this blog became a game of type then delete, over and over and over! I found myself lost for the right words to describe it. I was lost for the right story to tell. I was lost for the right way to explain how important the dandelion is to me. I became annoyed and frustrated.


Why was it so challenging to explain this? It’s something I know and feel. But putting it into simple words was much more complex and harder than I had imagined. Ummm, maybe this is why I don’t explain it to people! There are no words that quite fit. Which made it seemingly impossible to make people get it. But I wanted to try. I want people to get it, to understand. So, these are the things that I was able to put into words.

The dandelion

…reminds me of a symbol of healing, growth, survival through challenges, and wishes.

…reminds me of being a preschool teacher when children would bring me bunches of dandelions. They would say “Here, these flowers are for you.” No weeds in sight!

…reminds me that things can grow anywhere. All it needs is a speck of soil and that’s why it can grow in-between the cracks of sidewalks.

…reminds me how people can see things differently. A flower. A weed. A wish.

[Light bulb!]

Oh my God. Of course, it was hard to put into words! It is more than words. It is a feeling, it’s a metaphor and a symbol for my work as an art therapist. Art therapy and therapy is something that can be painfully hard, complex and beautiful all at the same time! Sometimes, there are things that are just hard to explain, to put into words. That’s one reason why people come to art therapy because there aren’t always the words and people become confused and frustrated because they can’t explain it. People come having only one perspective and are looking for another, a change. So, that’s that...Dandelion Art Studio is a space to create, grow and transform.

It’s a weed, it’s a flower, it’s my wish!

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