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Move beyond
traditional talk therapy

Blend art, creativity & therapy for an active approach to healing at Dandelion Therapeutic Art Center,

Chicago's #1 therapeutic art center.

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Create. Grow. Transform.

Messiness welcome!

Life can get messy. Here at Dandelion, we practice in a studio-based model where you are surrounded by opportunities to get dirty and create. Our space looks more like an art studio than a traditional therapy atmosphere, and often we are making art with you. We rely on a relational, strength-based and collaborative approach in our work while utilizing clinical techniques and skills. Art therapy is our sole focus - our team is dedicated to developing, learning and advancing the practice of art therapy.

Is Art Therapy for me?

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Words are overrated. As humans, we tend to be great with hiding behind and filtering our words. And oftentimes, we may not even have the words for what we are dealing with. Art Therapy allows us to move beyond words and allows us to go deeper, where we can unlock our issues and begin to grow.

We believe there is "no equation" to art or therapy. So, no art experience needed! We are here to guide you with materials, techniques, and your goals. You just need to bring an open mind and a little bit of wonder.

Art Therapy services are available in-person and via telehealth.

Individual Art Therapy Sessions

Groups & Workshops

Professional Offerings

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What Our Clients Say

"When I found the courage to admit I was struggling, I knew traditional talk therapy was not the right choice for me. When I stepped into the art studio’s door, I instantly felt at ease, knowing this was a place that it was ok to get messy, to let it all out, either on canvas or just in the universe. I affectionately call Caroline my fairy, because of her glowing presence that calms me, her understanding of my needs and boundaries and the investment she made to build that trust. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without her. I owe so much to her patience, her guidance and her never ending commitment to my development. Throughout the pandemic, I was scared that the magic I would feel in the studio would be lost, moving to Telehealth appointments. I’ve come to realize that it’s not the studio, nor the paint, it’s the person. Caroline is my person."

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