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Be Your Valentine.

What do you say to yourself when you’re all alone? I darn well know, that at times our inner voice can be harsh, judgmental, lack empathy and let’s face it, be downright bitchy. As a first-time momma and working professional, I am hearing this voice speak up a little louder these days. I hear it as I stare at my new unfamiliar body in the mirror, hustle to pick up my son after work, order take-out…again, and pass by my husband saying only a quick “hello” and “good bye.” That inner voice is screaming at me about the should’s and shouldn’ts in my everyday life. What is worse is that our society and culture seem to add to this confusion, self-doubt and negative self-talk that permeates our lives. I try to tell myself to stop listening to that hateful girl shouting in my head! I tell myself: you are doing a good job, you are strong, and you are worth it.

In the month of February, when everyone is looking to shower their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, think about giving a little self-love to numero uno. I ask that you join me in creating a positive affirmation about yourself, writing it on a posted note and sticking it to your rearview mirror, front door, or somewhere where you will see it every day. It might sound crazy, but read it aloud and begin to quiet that sassy voice.

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