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It's March Madness, Baby!

It’s “March Madness, Baby!” For those of you who don’t know, March is full of competition, rivalries and the drive to be called the NCAA National Champion of both men’s and women’s college basketball. I LOVE basketball, but sometimes it’s been more about that feeling of winning and competing that has excited me more than the game itself. It’s not a bad thing to want to win right? I’ve found that the urge to win and my competitive personality has given me the determination to overcome obstacles, challenge my weaknesses and fears, develop innovative ideas, and has begun to help me succeed in living out my dreams. This competitive spirit has forced me to take responsibility for my actions, take scary risks that made me feel extremely vulnerable, and has had me set aside my ego and experience many, many failures. Of course, these are all great life learning moments, but sometimes I have to ask myself, “what in the world am I competing against and what the hell am I trying to win?” My rival and competitor, which I believe is the same for many of us, is the person I stare at in the mirror every day. I seem to always be competing against myself whether it’s to be the best sister, daughter, wife, mother, art therapist, or business owner. Competing against yourself can pile on a lot of stress and unnecessary pressure. Does this relate to any of you? If so, it’s time to stop and take a pause. Self-competition can be a motivator, but it can also come with a price. So, go easy on yourself because in the rush to try to win and compete against ourselves we often miss out on those small joyful moments. As much as winning and competing can be important, don’t forget to enjoy the game.

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