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Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes: Creative Inspiration

In the month of January everyone is in search of change, inspiration and motivation. And I am no different. I have found a simple way to do this is by reading daily quotes. Quotes on apps, quotes on Facebook, quotes on Instagram. They are all around us. And well, I really, really love quotes! I love them so much I use an app to read a quote per day. There is something about a short, quick and thought-provoking quote that can really shift my mood and my creativity. It is powerful to read them aloud every morning at 7 am when they pop-up on my phone. What will it be today? How can I relate it to my life? Who said it? And how can it inspire my creativity in my work and my life? I keep a list of my favorite quotes which help inspire me in times of stress, in times of happiness, in times of confusion and just plain whenever.

Here are 3 quotes that have been resonating with me…

  • “Just Do It.” – Nike Slogan

My Dad always has had this quote/slog from Nike in his office. What better message to keep telling yourself than to, “Just Do It.” Whatever that is for you, just do it and for me it is expanding, growing and building this private practice!

  • “Everything worth doing starts with being scared.” – Art Garfunkel

This has been my motto for the last few years. I often get stuck in the comfortableness of things, scared to take risks and fail. I have to tell myself that it’s ok to be scared and uncomfortable, that’s where new growth, change and transformation exist. Take that risk!

  • “Art is for everybody.” – Keith Haring

This couldn’t be truer. No one owns art, nor the art materials. It is meant for everyone to enjoy by viewing, creating it and being a part of it. Don’t let your fears that you aren’t an artist hold you back from enjoying one of life’s greatest gifts, the power to create!

I am always looking for new quotes to add to my book. What are a few of your favorites?

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